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    "I have finished reading Inklings, and mourn the fact that there aren't a further 311 pages awaiting me! 
    The finely tuned and exquisitely detailed style truly transfixed me. I don't remember ever before reading dialogue that so commanded and focused my attention -- not only by the spoken word, but most particularly by the stunningly vibrant descriptions of the person or persons speaking or privately reflecting, their looks and clothes, their smallest gestures and most intimate facial expressions, their hopes and uncertainties, their memories and regrets -- all so vital that I began almost to feel as if I were actually present and had known everyone in the caste for years, while also enjoying a charmingly refreshed image of our Charleston itself.
    It was like reading in Technicolor at the Metropolitan!"
    Lane Middleton
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    "This could be a scholarly treatise on the state of religion at a divinity school. Inklings has the potential to change peoples lives."      
    Gerald Marterer
    Author, Retired CEO
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    A literary feat connecting continents and people to heaven.
    Pam Mckinney
    Charleston, SC
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    In an age desperately searching for meaning and wonder, Linda Prince has penned a tale that slakes our thirst. A rous- ing globe-hopping adventure, Prince explores the mysterious influence of generations past, treads the darkest hells of human evil, and ultimately feeds our souls with glimpses of the very glory of God.
    The Rev. David Booman
    Assistant for Pastoral Chaplaincy and Healing Prayer
  • 5
    Inklings takes the reader on an exploration of self and spirit which stretches from the charming coastlines of Charleston to the rolling grasslands of South Africa and includes the treacherous seas in between. The characters will woo you, test you, and surprise you with each page turn!
    Nicole Woolcock
    Business Consultant, San Diego, CA