LP Prince writer’s Author Page


“Linda Prince is a deep thinker who writes with a lilt clearly heaven ordained.”

— Pete DuBrule

Founder, Anthill neighbors

The Story has long been a part of Linda’s calling. For through it, she is able to impart Truth from beyond the ages into the lives of those she serves.

Linda has invested the last 25 years as a “prophet to the Profitable.” She serves as president and principal in PRINCE consulting services, helping leaders and organizations discern and live out their highest good.

She is invited into organizations to bring about transformation. At the very foundation of her work is God-given foresight for what could be and insight into what is before her – current reality.

A glorious side-effect of all that business travel has been lots of time in The Word. She has enjoyed countless early morning hours of study. Among her interests was a ten year delve into everything written on the Glory of God.

Inklings also came bit by bit in the early morning hours. Maybe all that pouring in — and it was time for some of it to come out. She sees it as a steady obedience in the same direction.

Her heart’s desire is that through this story, yours will unfold more clearly. For we are each called to a steady obedience in the same direction. The direction is God himself.